Jason: The Legend Of Crystal Lake Teaser Trailer

For those fans that have been following the developing stories of the new web series that are going into production, it has been an exciting time and good substitute while waiting for sequel news. Recently, the new web series, Jason: The Legend Of Crystal Lake showed off their sculpt for what their vision of Jason Voorhees will look like on film. Now, they have a tease for the fans!

Just created an released last night is a new teaser trailer for the upcoming first season of the Jason web series. This trailer indeed follows the title of teaser, but should get fans' blood pumping to see Jason on screen again. Enjoy t he trailer and make sure to visit our Web Series page to keep up on all of the acitvity of the project!

Jason: Legend Of Crystal Lake
Filming Begins Friday May 13, 2011
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This show will have the feel of of the first 4 friday movies, the same brand of comedy, with more detailed kills. Jason is a bit more realistic and things you never thought needed explaination get an in depth explaination. you will learn more about Jason in this show than any Friday the 13th movie ever released. This story will focus on Jason! this is all the info about this that we will post for now, however there will be more soon."