The Final Chapter Reunion Brewing. Feldman Added

This writer's favorite film in the Friday the 13th franchise is The Final Chapter. One night I recorded the television version of the film from a local station (complete with edited scenes not witnessed by the majority of fans until the recent 2009 DVD release) and I was not only hooked on the film, but the franchise as a whole! Now HorrorHound Weekend is making it hard not to attend their convention in March.

The event had already signed up Ted White (Jason Voorhees) and Lawrence Monoson (Ted) for the Slasher Fest extravaganza, but now they have just signed Corey Feldman (Tommy Jarvis) as well. As they put it, this is an impromptu reunion for the film. I don't know for certain, but this might be the first time these three have ever appeared together at a convention? At any rate, check out HorrorHound Weekend's SlasherFest this March and visit the official website for more details!

March 25-27, 2011
Horrorhound Weekend
Indianapolis, Indiana
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