Actor Spotlight: Juliette Cummins (Robin, A New Beginning)

Juliette Cummins was one of the more talented actors to work in the Friday the 13th film franchise and brought a very real persona to her character of "Robin" in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. Juliette lent a nice girl charm to her character, but ultimately her character's reaction to being propositioned by fellow halfway house occupant "Jake" sealed her fate at the hands of Pseudo Jason, Roy Burns.

Juliette was born in Long Beach, California and was a member of The Beverly Hills Theatre Group for 4 years and studied at USC Drama School. She starred in a number of stage plays and commercials during the 1980's, but it was her work in horror films that brought her fame.

Juliette really left her mark in the horror genre in the mid 1980’s appearing in cult favorites such as Slumber Party Massacre 2, Psycho 3 and Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. Her work seemed to always involve nudity which she mentioned in the Peter Bracke book Crystal Lake Memories as something that she feared saying no to. In the book, Juliette explained that when she was filming A New Beginning there was a real fear to lose her job if she refused to do the extra nude scenes she was asked to do in the film. Juliette also explained that now actors win Academy Awards for going nude as opposed to when she was in films.

One thing that some fans may not know is that Juliette was a U.S. Olympic Gymnast for 14 years. Skills which she used while filming the 1986 film Psycho 3. While filming her scene with Jeff Fahey, her character “Red” is thrown out of the Bates Motel. Anthony Perkins was to request that a stunt double be used for that scene, but Juliette insisted she perform the stunt. According to her interview with, it took 2-3 takes to complete that sequence and that was due to her knowlwedge of how to fall properly with her gymnastic training.

Sadly, it seems as though a bad experience on the film Click: The Calendar Girl Killerwhich included problems with unions and the Screen Actors Guild, soured Juliette on the low budget movie business and she began concentrating on commercials and teaching acting. Raised in Beverly Hills, California she decided to stay close to home and at last researched she is still acting in commercials and teaching acting in Los Angeles.