New Line Downsizing. Immediate Friday the 13th Future Unclear

We had heard about the possibility of Warner Bros. downsizing New Line Cinema in hopes of bring down costs and concentrating on more profitable films. Well, this past Tuesday, posted a story about just that very scenario. What does that mean for their Friday the 13th property?

Deadline New York is reporting that New Line will have their annual slate of eight films reduced to four, making every movie they release under that distributor name very precious indeed. With the cost of the upcoming Hobbit movies ready to break the bank, this is an important couple of years for the once fledgling distributor. So what does this mean for the Friday the 13th film series?

It has been no secret that Warner Bros. is very nervous about releasing a sequel to the 2009 film and money is indeed a contributing factor to this. With New Line now reducing the slate of films for New Line, it looks like trying to squeeze a new Friday the 13th film into a sparse four film annnual release set is going to be a challenge. Hopefully, the studio heads will see that the franchise is still profitable and the hockey mask and Crystal Lake are still a viable property. Below is an excerpt of the story Deadline New York ran. Visit for the full story!

EXCLUSIVE: Deadline has learned that New Line will reduce its output from 8 movies a year to just 4. In addition, some of New Line's personnel will be laid off in coming weeks. It's all part of Warner Bros newly named movie boss Jeff Robinov plan to "downsize" the division. The mogul has been quite vocal on the need for Warner Bros to cut down on the total number of movies it releases and markets in order to be able to focus attention on its winners. Our sources say that New Line will still be freestanding -- just smaller.

Special thanks to visitor Francesco Falciani for pointing us to the story.