"The Exhumation" Hock Brings Jason To Life

Collectors in the mask community always enjoy owning as perfect a replica as possible when it comes to their masks and character busts. One such artist always delivers perfect replica hockey masks to his customers and his most recent hockey mask is just as screen accurate. The newest mask, titled "The Exhumation" details Jason's rise from the grave in the opening of Friday the 13th: A New Beginning.

Artist Jason Farrell (jasonlivessince1980) explains his intentions with creating his latest mask:

You'll notice the blood on the axe cut and the fresher splatter on the cheek, mosts artists don't do this but in the scene where he first gets out of the grave he has the blood from his own headwound and the splatter was from the two guys he just killed. It was washed off in the rain as he got out of his grave, a nightmarish prelude to what Tommy would experience some time later...

Enjoy the photos of his mask below and make sure to check out his blog for all of his work in progress, including a new Jason bust from Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6!