Community Offers Alternatives For Camp Blood Convention

A few weeks ago I offered my take and information on the situation with the Camp Blood/Texas Fearfest Convention, which was to showcase over 70 stars from the Friday the 13th film series. If you have followed the situation since 2009 or simply read my article on the convention, you know that many fans lost money on the postponement of the event. To this day, that we are aware of, no one has received a refund from the event. Recently, numerous stars were removed from the official website of the event as well the remaining sponsors.

This news offers little comfort for those fans that spent their hard earned money with nothing to show for it to this point. However, just announced on as well as the Days Of The Dead Facebook Page, fans can redeem their Camp Blood Convention receipts for tickets to either the Days Of The Dead Convention on July 1-3 or Rock and Shock in October (dates to be determined).

There will also be an auction of celebrity autographs and other memoribilia with proceeds to go directly towards the fans that were affected by this unfortunate event. Fore more details, please visit the link for the Blood Sprayer website linked above. Good luck to all parties involved as I will also be donating part of mt Friday the 13th collection for the auction that will be held!