'The New Blood' Jason Resurrected By One's Customs

It has been a while since a new custom Jason figure has been written about from One's Customs. The last figure written about was part of the joint contest we ran in December for a Jason Takes Manhattan figure. Yesterday, I received new pics of the newest figure from Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood. To say this new figure is detailed is an understatement.

One's Customs latest 1/6 scale custom figure exposes Jason for what he is, a bag of bones. Well, more accurately, he has exposed bones. The detail on the body of the figure itself is equally matched by the hockey mask created to accompany the figure. Notice the clothing as it is weathered to perfection to match the tattered and worn look from the film.

As of right now, the figure is not for sale yet, but stay tuned as we will let you know when and if it becomes available. To see more videos of One's Customs' creations, visit his Youtube channel.