Scream Magazine Decides To Pinup Jason

There are still a lot of great horror magazines in circulation today. In fact, that genre of magazine may be at its strongest since the 1980's boom. Right now you have Fangoria, HorrorHound and Rue Morgue as the most well known by fans and each of those magazines deliver great articles, retrospectives and imagery to the fans. Recently, a new Horror mag began its venture in the brotherhood in a long line of successful magazines.

Scream Magazine is a glossy print based UK Horror Magazine that covers films, books, DVD releases, festivals, news, reviews, competitions & interviews with famous names in the business. Their third issue releases this month and looks at the Evil Dead trilogy. A treat for Friday the 13th fans is that they have included in their new issue a Jason Voorhees pinup!

Since Scream's fourth issue will be a retrospective on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film series, it is a safe bet that they will follow up their Evil Dead and Texas Chainsaw write-ups with a look at the Friday the 13th franchise somewhere down the line. So, keep an eye out for that in the future and be sure to check out news and other happenings at the magazines official website and Facebook accounts listed below!