Behind The Scenes: Part 2 Accident And The Hospital

Today's Behind The Scenes image is not necessarily that of a peek at the production of a Friday the 13th film, bit more of a look at the aftermath of a particular scene. By now, many fans have heard the story about the day Steve Dash (Jason Voorhees, Friday the 13th Part 2) and Amy Steel (Ginny Fields, Part 2) were filming their climactic scene in Jason’s shack and Steve Dash was injured.

During the scene, Jason realizes that Ginny is not Mrs. Voorhees, at which point Ginny swings her machete at Jason and he blocks it with his pick axe.

Altough Jason blocked Ginny's initial atempt with the machete, he did not actually come away unscathed. Jason actor Steve Dash actually took the machete to the hand. Enough damage was done to warrant a hospital trip. Funny thing was that he had to go to the hospital with the fake machete still applied to his shoulder and fake blood drenching his shirt. The hospital staff intially must have been in awe of a man walking in with a machete embedded in his shoulder!

Now fans can actually see Steve Dash in the hospital that day as he has a nurse tend to his very real injuries. I showed this image to visitors at my previous website last Summer, but for those who have not seen this before, it should be a real treat to place an image with the legendary tale!