Corey Feldman and Amy Steel Appearance Announcements

On the heels of the announcement that Monster Mania is hosting "Return To Camp Blood" this June, there have been a lot of guest announcements from the Friday the 13th film series. Now the title of this post may be a little misleading. No, Corey Feldman has not been announced for the June show. However, he will be making an appearance much sooner than June.

Corey Feldman will be appearing at the Hollywood Blvd in Woodridge, IL this weekend! The theater will be running films from Feldman's career in the 1980's, including Lost Boys, Goonies, and License to Drive. Sadly, they have opted to not show Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. Check out the promotional banner for Corey's appearance below.

Of course, the other announcement is that Amy Steel (Ginny, Friday the 13th Part 2) will be appearing "Return To Camp Crystal Lake". Amy is the first "camper" to be announced to this point as all others have played Jason in some capacity. Below is the official announcement.

From Monster-Mania Convention: We are VERY pleased to announce that we have just added AMY STEEL to the guest lineup for THE OFFICIAL RETURN TO CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE!!! Amy of course played the role of GINNY in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 and is the first of THE CAMPERS to join us for this very special show! Amy is a fan favorite and we look forward to seeing her again!

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