Eric Morse Completes Fifth Camp Crystal Lake Novel

Back in the early to mid 1990's William Pattison, under the name Eric Morse, published four Friday the 13th novels through Berkley Books as part of the Camp Crystal Lake Novel series. At that time, the four novels were the only officially published writings based on the Friday the 13th film series. Each story dealt with the possessed hockey mask of Jason Voorhees. After a long, multiple year writing journey, the fifth novel in the series is completed.

Mr. Pattison was unable to publish this fifth and final novel of the book series as it is assumed the rights no longer exist to publish the novel in print. However, the newest novel can be read in its entirety in either Microsoft Word or PDF form for free!

The newest Camp Crystal Lake story, titled "The Mask Of Jason Voorhees", blends elements of the film series with that of the short lived television series from the late 1980's. The goal is to explain the mystery pertaining to the original ressurection of Jason Voorhees. If interested in reading the concluding chapter in the Eric Morse book series, please click on the links below to download the entire novel.

The Mask Of Jason Voorhees (Microsoft Word)
The Mask Of Jason Voorhees (PDF)

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