Hugh Syme Creates Jason Voorhees In Hell

Last Summer it was brought to my attention that an artist named Hugh Syme had a unique and different version of the poster art from Jason Goes To Hell displayed on his website. The artwork is called "Jason - The Revenge - 13". The piece contains the exact hell demom/worm seen on the VHS and DVD cover, but the background image and hockey mask are completely different.

Mr. Syme was then contacted by myself with the question of why this piece was created and if it indeed was a commission for the Jason Goes To Hell production. I did not receive a response back at that time, but it has intrigued me still to this day. Another reason for my curiosity is that the description of the image on his website states Universal Studios. I wasn't sure of that was a mistake or if something was taking place with Universal Studios with regard to the Friday the 13th film franchise.

Well, today Mr. Syme was nice enough to shed some light on my questions. In his response to me, he does mention that Universal Studios being listed on his website is more than likely a mistake. I then asked him if he could share any other information on his involvement of the process of creating the artwork.

How Mr. Syme Came To Be Involved
While living in Los Angeles, he would work for various design firms that handled print campaigns for motion pictures. While working on numerous projects, the task of creating the Jason Goes To Hell design work was given to him.

His Thoughts On The Process Of Creating Print Campaigns
Mr. Syme mentioned that in the overall business of creating these print campaigns, he finds it fascinating and disappointing to be paid to create his work and later find out that other artists were also working on the same piece. He also states that there are times when other design work is chosen over work he creates, even after he was paid and completed his task.

Hugh also was under the impression that his design for the Jason Goes To Hell campaign was the final design used. For the most part, the concept stayed the same and the hell demon/worm stayed exactly the same. However, flames were added to the background and the awesome hockey mask he designed was replaced with the silver hock.

More background on Hugh Syme shows that he has actually designed artwork for the CD covers of some of the biggest rock bands, such as Iron Maiden and Megadeth.

Check out the comparison of the poster of Jason Goes To Hell and Hugh Syme's artwork below. If interested in more of his work, please visit . Big thanks go to High Syme for taking some quick moments to answer my questions!

Hugh Syme's Artwork

Jason Goes To Hell Poster Art