Freddy vs Jason Fighting Game ..... Sort Of

This website is really designed to offer anything and everything pertaining to the Friday the 13th film franchise. You can get behind the scenes stories and images from the films. There is convention information reported here so fans can meet their favorite stars of the series. Merchandising, however, is a huge part of the Friday the 13th community and that is proven true by the huge number of people that collect masks and figures. Well, how about a Japanese Freddy vs Jason fighting game?!

Personally, this writer is always on the lookout for unique and rare merchandise that relates to the series and there is no better place to look for such items than Japan. For those that have followed my writing the last couple of years, you are aware how much the Japanese market has contributed to merchandising of Friday the 13th and Jason Voorhees. Recently a Freddy vs Jason fighting game was discovered, and although it has been available for sale for some time, many of our fans may not know about it.

The catch on this "fighting game" is that Freddy and Jason do not face each other to actually fight. Sort of a strange scenario, but there is a lever on the bottom of the base that actually makes Freddy and Jason fall away from each other face down. The concept is very unusual for a "fighting game", but that, plus the fact it was made for the Japan market only is what makes it pretty cool. If interested in more information about this Sega Toys offering, visit

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