Contest Update: Jason Takes Manhattan Custom Figure

Hey everyone, I wanted to update you on the contest. The website has received over 150 entries and there are still some trickling in here and there. There are still some people that have not sent in their answers to the questions yet, so if you are one of those contestants, please make sure to get those in by this Sunday, January 9th.

For those of you that did send their answers in, you will be receiving a reply to your email later tonight as confirmation.

If you do not receive a confirmation email by tomorrow morning, please email with your answers again as somehow your email may have been lost along the way and we apologize for that. As a reminder, the winner of the contest will be announced on Monday January 10, on One's Customs Youtube channel and here at this website. Stay tuned on Monday and good luck to everyone that entered!

"You're all gonna die"
"He came down the river and has gotten onboard. He walk's this ship here and now"


  1. I have sent out all of the emails. If you did not receive a response, please email to resubmit your answers. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Jasonsfury and onescustom again for an opportunity to win something amazing and something that i can't afford lol. I Wish all the participants good luck and am hoping big time that i will finally win an elite figure by onescustom.
    You guys are a huge asset to not just the horror community but to the collector community as well.
    Keep up the awesome work you guys


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