Beware "The Killer" Hock, It Will Take You Over

Over the years, I have had no problem promoting stellar looking hockey masks. It is my belief that further movies in the New Line/Warner Brothers Friday teh 13th franchise should try to incorporate a new look hock into the film. I am not talking about a drastic design change, but perhaps a new paint job on the same canvas. That is where Dimension FX comes in.

The company has made a name for itself in the quality and detail in the masks they produce and their latest hockey mask is no different. The new hock, titled "The Killer" was created by Dimension FX for the band Mushroomhead. This particular mask has some of the features from Jason Goes To Hell as the edges on top of the mask have been chewed away. What really sets this mask apart from the others is the dark red blood designs. It makes the mask very menacing, but cool to look at in the same frame.

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