The Prop Museum: The Eyes Of Uber Jason

Say what you will about Jason X, but regardless of your feelings towards the film, it must be admitted that there are some great props that were created for the film. Setting the film in space, on a ship, opened up a number of possibilities for the effects crew and prop master to create unique, but necessary items for the screen. Today's prop is associated with a piece of the now infamous Uber Jason.

One of the keys to making the upgraded Jason appear even more terrifying and evil was the decision that Jason needed to have red, piercing eyes. So, today we are going to look at the screen worn contact lenses used by Kane Hodder as Uber Jason. These were the only set of contact lenses used during the filming. They are oversized so they cover everything you see from the eye, not just the iris.

Kane kept the lenses after production wrapped and actually brought them back to the screen when he filmed the movie "Room 6". Kane had a small role in that film, a homeless demon to be exact. He wore his Uber Jason lenses as part of a inside gag for the fans (Pictured Below). Another gag of sorts in that film was that he had a cheap plastic hockey mask sitting in his car on screen of that film.

As for the lenses, they were custom made and were received by Mario Kirner, from the Friday the 13th Props Museum, in the original containers. Sadly one of original containers broke some time ago, so the lenses were put into new containers. The original sticker with the lense details was removed from the old container and put onto the new containers. Although the lenses are small, they were a major part of the "Upgrade" for Jason Voorhees!

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