Report Explores The Explosive Demise Of Bryan Fuller’s A24 Crystal Lake Show

The Wrap today pulled back the curtain to shed a bright light on the issues that led to the firing of Bryan Fuller and the pausing of A24’s Crystal Lake show.

Here’s highlights of what was reported today.

- Charlize Theron was being looked at to play Mrs. Voorhees.

- $300,000 deposits had already been paid for soundstages in Canada.

- The episode written by Kevin Williamson was going to take place on a frozen Crystal Lake.

- The budget ballooned to nearly $10 million per episode with an overall total of $85 million for the first season of eight episodes..

- Bryan Fuller was fired three months before filming was to begin on the first season.

- “Crystal Lake was plagued by inexperienced production executives making questionable decisions, problems with the show’s writing staff and conflicts between showrunners and executives.”

- Nick Antosca is being looked at to potentially take over as showrunner. Nothing official has been announced yet about the move to Antosca as of yet.

Nick’s Friday The 13th 3-D script for a potential new film back in 2015 has been praised by fans and was almost put into production by Paramount. It would be great to see what he can do with this show.

Unfortunately, this is just another in a long line of false starts and missteps for Friday The 13th projects. Hopefully, A24 can pull this together for a release in the next several years for fans to enjoy.

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