Filmmakers React To Bryan Fuller Leaving The Crystal Lake Show

 This past week brought awful news that showrunner Bryan Fuller has left the Crystal Lake project that A24 was bringing to the streaming service Peacock as an episodic show which would be a sort of prequel story with Mrs. Voorhees devolving into madness over the loss of her son Jason. The entire concept of the show was Fuller's idea, which was to involve the original final girl actress Adrienne King and horror genre and Scream film creator Kevin Williamson. With Fuller gone from the project, A24 will now have to start over from scratch with a new idea for a Friday The 13th show.

The fans of the franchise have spent the past few days voicing their displeasure with yet another shuttered concept/project, and even those people who were to be involved in the Crystal Lake show took to social media to commiserate with Bryan Fuller and the fanbase.

Kevin Williamson first replied to Fuller's announcement that he left the project, stating the pilot episode was "beautiful" with Mrs. Voorhees "unraveling in her grief". Kevin also mentioned he looked for forward to his "hour long chase episode".

Vincenzo Natali, who directed the 2009 film Splice as well as countless episodes for television shows Orphan Black, Hannibal, Luke Cage, The Strain, and The Stand was also on board to direct a few episodes for Crystal Lake. He mentioned that he read the scripts for the first two episodes and the show was on it's way to another "Hannibal-level reinvention".

We are sure to find out even more about the show as time passes by. Crystal Lake sounded like it was going to redefine the franchise, but also stick to its roots as well. Hopefully, the next iteration of the show will actually go into production and have as much impact as Bryan Fuller's show seemed to be putting in place.

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