UPDATED: A24 Changes Direction On Crystal Lake Show

It’s been real quiet on the news front for Peacock and A24’s Crystal Lake streaming series that was announced on Halloween 2022. It was a huge deal coming on the heals of the resolved litigation of the franchise rights between Victor Miller and Horror Inc. The renewed hope that fans could get a new project soon was exciting, however, there has been no official announcements for the show since January 2023 and something was just revealed that is extremely disappointing.

Entertainment reporter Jeff Sneider just dropped some unsettling news that A24 has pulled the plug on the Crystal Lake show.

I’m hearing that A24 has pulled the plug on Crystal Lake, its planned Peacock series based on the Friday the 13th franchise featuring masked killer Jason Voorhees. Bryan Fuller was due to executive produce the horror series. 

It’s unclear whether this is a permanent decision or a temporary one, as A24 had no comment. Perhaps Peacock will help the trades shed more light on this project, which was announced back in 2022.

UPDATE 5/8/24: Bryan Fuller took to Twitter just now and it looks like he is no longer show runner for Crystal Lake:
For reasons beyond our control, A24 has elected to go a different way with the material. We hope the final product will be something Friday the 13th fans all over the world will enjoy.

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