New Behind The Scenes Images Emerge Of Stan Winston's Friday The 13th Part 3 Design With Richard Brooker's Jason Voorhees

 The final missing grail footage that has eluded the Friday The 13th fanbase is that of the original ending of Friday The 13th Part 3. That version featured Chris Higgins being decapitated by Jason Voorhees. Nearly a decade ago, we featured a story that shows the complete excised ending in pictures with never before seen imagery of Jason Voorhees killing Chris. Fans continue to clamor for the lost video footage of this scene, which fully shows the Stan Winston makeup for the Jason character. For those of you that are not aware, effects legend Stan Winston was hired to create the new look of Jason, for which he abandoned the mongoloid look of the character created by Tom Savini for the original 1980 film. The Jason facial mask design that was created by Stan Winston was worn for the duration of filming, even when the character donned the infamous hockey mask. This idea would change for future films when a cowl would be worn by the Voorhees actor when wearing the hockey mask. 

Filming on Friday The 13th Part 3 had already been in progress for many weeks when director Steve Miner decided the Stan Winston Jason design was not to his liking, and wanted a complete redesign. Scheduling conflicts caused Winston to not continue on the Part 3 project, so Douglas J. White was tasked with creating the new Jason Voorhees. Doug's design would employ the traditional look that Tom Savini started with his young Jason Voorhees in the original Friday The 13th and is what all audiences saw on the big screen when the film debuted in theaters in 1983.

This past Friday, Stan Winston School's website debuted some rare and never before seen behind the scenes photos of the late Richard Brooker being life cast for Stan Winston's original makeup design for Jason Voorhees. There are some great photos revealed and some of those can be seen below. It's great to see Richard once again in these engaging photos.

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