New Jersey Horror Con Presents Friday The 13th Reunions For 'A New Beginning' And 2009 Reboot

The New Jersey Horror Con has a huge lineup of genre stars as guests for their upcoming show taking place the weekend of August 18th-20th. Joining the show will be a number of alumni from the Friday The 13th franchise.

From Friday The 13th: A New Beginning, Shavar Ross (Reggie the reckless) and Tiffany Helm (Violet) will be attending. Alumni at the show from Friday The 13th 2009 include the group from the opening prologue, Amanda Rhigetti (Whitney Miller), America Olivio (Amanda), and Jonathan Sadowski (Wade).

This group of alumni do not attend conventions on a regular basis, so this is a great opportunity to meet the stars of your favorite films of the franchise. If you live in the Edison, New Jersey area, make sure to Buy Tickets for next weekend's awesome event!

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