NECA Still On Hold For New Friday The 13th Projects

It has been nearly two years since NECA was last able to release a new figure or anything related to Friday The 13th. Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood was the last figure released in the Ultimate Edition line in fourth quarter of 2021, and fans and collectors are anxious to hopefully complete that line in the near future. Other readers have been asking about a re-release of the ultra popular accessory set that included the Camp Crystal Lake sign and other objects from the films. 

NECA responded to an interested fan in late 2021 about that set and at least they are open to offering that again, once they are legally able to. 

With our readers reaching out to us in email and social media about the status of the availability of future releases, we asked NECA about their plans and told us the following:

Like Nightmare on Elm Street, it’s still tied up in legal hell, unfortunately. We 100% plan on continuing the line once the ownership is settled in court!

With the streaming series project Crystal Lake approved and moving forward, and the possibility of a new film project on the horizon, we had hopes that merchandise licensing had been settled, but it seems that is still under review.

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