Excellent Life Size Jason Voorhees Bust From Friday The 13th 2009

It’s been a while since we have spotlighted fan creations on the site that are not related to fan films, so when I found this awesome Jason Voorhees life size bust online from Friday The 13th 2009, it is the perfect item to add for our readers to witness.

Genre fan Loris runs a YouTube channel as well as a Facebook page dedicated to showing off character masks and display busts from our favorite films. He recently created his own display piece representing Jason Voorhees from the 2009 film and it is highly detailed and authentic looking. 

The bust is silicone and the head was made from what seems to be the movie molds used to create the prosthetics worn by actor Derek Mears who portrayed Jason in the film. The hockey mask was made by Scott Stoddard, who created the special make-up effects as well as Jason’s appearance in the 2009 film.

This is truly an amazing piece, but too bad it is not available for everyone to purchase.

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