Make-Up Effects Artist Scott Stoddard Offers Behind The Scenes Images From Friday The 13th 2009

Scott Stoddard has been involved in some of the biggest films in Hollywood over the past twenty years with make-up affects credits including The Lost World, Pearl Harbor, Indiana Jones, Thor, Pirates Of The Caribbean, and Friday The 13th 2009. His role during the production of the latest Friday The 13th film had him serve as the special Make-up Effects Supervisor where he would oversee the creation of all effects for the film. Scott worked on the development of the sack mask, hockey mask, and Jason's facial design for the film and recently, we discovered his Instagram page where he has been posting some rare and never before seen photos behind the scenes of the production of Friday The 13th 2009!

Below you will discover some early concepts of the masks for the film as well some detailed close-ups of the make-up for Jason's face designed for the film. Enjoy these photos and let us know what your favorite is and what you would like to see more of.

Friday The 13th 2009
College kids seeking a weekend of kicks have made a horrible mistake. They've come to party at eerie Crystal Lake, the deadly domain of machete-mad killer Jason Voorhees.

Terror goes to extremes in this reimaging of the Jason legend for today's horror fan. Enter for the first time the subterranean lair that is Jason's den of torture and fear. See him discover the mask that hides his deformed face.

Experience a whole new evel of fright. And try to remain calm. The intense violence, the unique kills, the jolting scares: live them all in the all-new Friday the 13th!

Silicone head created for "Donnie"'s Original Death Scene

Scott Stoddard and Derek Mears doing each other's make-up

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