Never Hike Alone Limited Edition Soundtrack Coming To Vinyl And Cassette

The universally adored and celebrated independent film Never Hike Alone is getting a vinyl and cassette soundtrack release to celebrate Friday The 13th! This is an extremely limited offering of only 130 units for vinyl and 35 for cassettes. If you want to add this to your collection, make sure to visit the crowd funding page for Never Hike Alone 2.

We are excited to announce that the NEVER HIKE ALONE SOUNDTRACK is now availble on VINYL and CASSETTE TAPE thanks to our friends at SCARE FLAIR RECORDS! 

Our order for the record has already been submitted and is scheduled to arrive at Scare Flare Records in February of 2023.

The current perk for the VINYL is US ONLY due to international shipping prices. However, international backers can contact us at in order to have a secret perk set up with shipping customized for your country. 

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