Celebrate Friday The 13th With New T-Shirt Releases

Today we celebrate our favorite unluckiest day of the year with a number of Friday The 13th film themed T-shirt releases that our readers will be sure to want to get their hands on. Below are offerings from different companies and when they are available to purchase.

Cavity Colors
Today at 1pm EST, the 72 hour Buy Or Die apparel release will be available to purchase. Celebrate Friday The 13th: A New Beginning with this timed release! Make sure to visit cavitycolors.com to get the following shirts when they are available.

Terror Threads
This Jason Voorhees tribute was made available yesterday and is only available for 72 hours. Please visit terrorthreads.com now to pick up this awesome shirt!

Gutter Garbs
This is another timed release celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Friday The 13th Part 3! You have until Sunday to pick up this shirt. Visit guttergarbs.com to get this shirt before it is gone.

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