New Image Of Young Jason From Original Friday The 13th Revealed

The original Friday The 13th is a horror classic and benchmark film. The franchise’s most popular character was born in the film, but was just a bit player, appearing onscreen for just a few seconds. Jason Voorhees made his mark with the very brief appearance, however, and the filming of his infamous jump scare ending is still studied to this day.

There have been some great behind the scenes photos discovered over the years, but recently, Ari Lehman, who played young Jason over 40 years ago, recently released some rare photos of himself in makeup, behind the scenes on the 1980 movie classic. Below, you will see an early test run of Ari trying on the glass eye and false teeth, which we have never seen before. Also, check out the great compilation showing Mr. Lehman removing the makeup appliance after he finished filming!

We love discovering new images of these great films. Hope you all enjoy!

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