Victor Miller Wins Latest Horror Inc. Appeal In Friday The 13th Lawsuit!

It’s been a great long while since we heard any news on the Friday The 13th lawsuit. It was thought that a decision of the 2nd Circuit court on the latest appeal of Horror Inc. and Sean Cunningham would have been made in Summer of 2020, but the pandemic and other circumstances delayed a ruling. Well, the wait is over now, and once again, Victor Miller has won in court!

You can read a proper break down of the decision of the court at The Hollywood Reporter, but the basics of the ruling is that Victor was not an employee and was indeed a work for hire. This means that the termination of copyright has been upheld and Victor now holds the rights to the intellectual property of the original film.

But wait, there’s more. Horror Inc. can still keep the franchise mired in legal proceedings, as mentioned by The Hollywood Reporter.

As for Cunningham’s company, it might seek a rehearing before a fuller panel at the 2nd Circuit. If that fails, there could be a petition to the Supreme Court, which might be intrigued by the novel overlap of intellectual property law and labor law.

In the end, it would behoove both Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham to start negotiating terms of how to distribute compensation for future films and merchandise so to end the legal proceedings once and for all and move forward to provide new projects for fans to enjoy. Who knows if Horror Inc. and Sean will enter another appeal, but at least this is one more step forward to an inevitable conclusion.

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