Jason Takes Manhattan CD Soundtrack Contains Previously Unreleased Music, Like ‘Broken Dreams’!

La La Land Records released their highly anticipated CD soundtrack for Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan yesterday. Although the soundtrack was released late last year on vinyl, this CD release contains a number of previously unreleased tracks, including ‘Broken Dream’, ‘Living in the City’, and ‘J.J.’s Blues’!

Fans of the film and the music contained within have been clamoring for an official release of the aforementioned tracks and now they are finally available. Warm Butter Design is responsible for the layout and design of the soundtrack packaging and booklet and provided a few glimpses on their site and can be found below.

Writer Brian Satterwhite provided an in-depth look at the soundtrack for the booklet contained in the release and he is also in the midst of writing a book covering the soundtracks of the entire franchise! More to come on that soon. Make sure to pick up your copy of the Jason Takes Manhattan soundtrack at La La Land Records today and jam out to Broken Dream in a power room for supreme concert hall echo.

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