See A Shot Of Alice’s Part 2 Extended Death Scene From Scream Factory’s Friday The 13th Box Set

With our readers now receiving Scream Factory’s mega release Blu-Ray Box set, we can now begin to reveal some of the great features of the set, and that includes the grail piece that is the extended death scenes from Friday The 13th Part 2! The scenes come courtesy of the film’s make-up effects artist Carl Fullerton and show off some surprising, never before seen effects.

One shocking reveal from Carl’s VHS is that of the extended death of Alice in the prologue of Part 2. In the scene, Alice is grabbed from behind as an ice pick is jammed into the side of her head. The shot ends there in the theatrical release. The MPAA required heavy editing to this film, and as such, a lot of effects work was cut, so it was very surprising to see that Alice’s death was prolonged.

As you can see in the image below, after Jason stabs Alice in the side of the head, it is revealed the pick protrudes outward from her face! It’s an excruciatingly looking demise and would have elicited a wild response from fans in the theater if this cut footage was left in the film.

Check out all of the new extras announced for the release for the box set shipping now!

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