Check Out Each Film Cover Of Scream Factory’s Friday The 13th Box Set

Fans have been receiving their Scream Factory box sets in droves this week and thus far there has been an overwhelmingly positive response. One of the discussion points fans are excited to explore are the different covers used for the Blu-Ray cases for each film.

The majority of the cases have dual, reversible covers based on the marketing used the years each film was released in theaters. Some beautiful international posters are used as alternative covers for some films, while other dual covers are on display based on extra marketing used in the later franchise films. You will notice, however, that Jason Lives, The New Blood, and Jason Takes Manhattan only have one cover. This is mainly due to the fact that the majority of the marketing for these films utilized the same poster design throughout the world. 

The one alternative cover that would have been great to see is the unused I Love New York poster for Jason Takes Manhattan. Much like the dispute during the film’s initial theatrical run  trademark issues kept Scream Factory from using this design for the alternative cover.

Also of note, the special features listed on the back covers of some of the films and Bonus Material cases do not represent all of the features contained on the disc. For example, the lost effects footage for Part 2 is not listed on the back of the cover for that film, so don’t be discouraged at first glance for features not found. Make sure to dig around on the discs!

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