La La Land Records To Release ‘The New Blood’ And ‘Jason Takes Manhattan’ CD Soundtracks

La La Land Records was the first company to release an officially licensed box set of Friday The 13th soundtracks back in 2012. In fact, they were the first to release true individual soundtrack offerings of the Paramount era films. The extensive work the soundtrack company put in to acquire the sounds of Harry Manfredini’s iconic scores has been enjoyed for the past eight years by our readers in digital and vinyl. Now we have word that La La Land will be releasing the scores to Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood and Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan on CD!

There is currently a vinyl soundtrack of The New Blood available that was just released this year and the vinyl release of Jason Takes Manhattan is coming later in 2020, however, not everyone is into the resurgence of record players, so the CD soundtrack release of these films is welcome to many fans. There is no word yet on if the track listing will mirror that of what resides on the vinyl releases, but it is a very good bet they will be exactly the same, if not very close.

Check back here for more information on the soundtrack offerings when the release dates are announced. Hint, it could be a certain date we all love!

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