Friday The 13th Part 2 Writer Ron Kurz Passes Away

Photo Courtesy Crystal Lake Memories Documentary
Many fans believe Friday The 13th Part 2 to be one of the best, if not, the best film in the franchise. Ron Kurz wrote the screenplay for the film and was the driving force in creating the unforgettable characters that populated the story at the counselor training center where teenagers went to train five years after the fateful events at Camp Crystal Lake. Ron was a very talented writer that also had uncredited writing work on the original 1980 film.

Sadly, we learned today from one of our readers, Yakutja, that Ron passed away suddenly on May 7th of heart failure. He was 79 years old. Prior to helping write the first two Friday The 13th films, he was a correctional officer in Maryland as well as a published author.

Ron claimed to come up with the idea for the jump scare with young Jason Voorhees at the end of Friday The 13th 1980, so that, coupled with his excellent writing for Friday The 13th Part 2, built the foundation for 40 years of Crystal Lake adventures that fans have enjoyed around the world. Thank you, Ron, for helping create a legacy of fear that we will never forget.

To find out more about Ron’s life, please read his obituary.

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