Fangoria Magazine’s Upcoming Issue #8 To Explore The Intense Voorhees Relationship Of The 1980 Film

Fangoria was on a brief hiatus for a few years before changing hands to the publication’s new owner Cinestate in 2018. The historic magazine began it’s second run in October 2018 with the first issue covering the latest Halloween film entry directed by David Gordon Green as well as a plethora of other engaging articles covering the horror genre. Many fans have been waiting for Friday The 13th to grace the pages of the new incarnation of the magazine and now we get word that the wait is over.

Yesterday, the brand new cover was revealed for Issue 8, which showcases a large number of iconic characters and villains from 1970’s and 1980’s films. The cover was illustrated by Nathan Thomas Milliner and was designed to accompany one of the lead articles of the issue which showcases actor Patton Oswalt’s comic strip he submitted to Fangoria back in 1984 and now is being printed for the first time, which includes an essay Patton recently wrote discussing his comic strip.

The big news for our readers is that Bryan Fuller is taking a deep dive into the mother and son relationship of the original 1980 classic film Friday The 13th. This is great treat for the 40th anniversary of the film and it will be fun to see the franchise in the pages of Fangoria Magazine once again! If you haven’t subscribed yet, head over to their subscription page now and sign up today.
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