Images Surface For Concept Jason Voorhees And Machete For Abandoned Friday The 13th TV Show And 2016 Film!

It has been a few years since Horror Inc. officially announced their plans to launch a Friday The 13th television show that would eventually be linked to the CW network. Much like the failed attempts by Paramount to release a new film, the CW network could never agree with Horror Inc. on a direction for the show. The show's journey that began in 2014 was finally laid to rest in 2016. At that same time, Paramount was developing a film while partnered with Platinum Dunes and director David Bruckner. That collaboration was also dissolved in late 2016 and left a lot of development work unused.

Sota FX was hired to create the effects for the television show and also worked on effects for the 2016 film. After both projects flamed out, their shop had in their possession numerous pieces of art, maquettes, and latex masks representing Jason Voorhees' new look. Ganon Gorder recently contacted us with some awesome photos of these items as well as the machete that was being developed.

The maquette and pencil drawing image are posted on YourProps currently. Check out the other images below, which include a letter of authenticity from Sota FX for the machete.

UPDATE: Ruben Morales shared a post about the hockey mask in a Facebook group and it is being sold for $1,999!

Five fiberglass hockey masks were made in preproduction as the final approved mask for the show. You can see the mask in the pictures below. One mask was given to Sean Cunningham.

UPDATE 2 (2/16): We have been supplied with new photos of a different concept Jason, which also looks to have an actor in the costume for makeup testing!

UPDATE 3 (2/17): We have been supplied with even more images of the Jason concept as well as new hockey mask looks. First off, you can now see the full Jason costume. Members of SOTA FX are standing with what we are being told is the “old” Jason for the show. The second added Jason image is a head shot of what the “young Jason” look is with clothing. We also have new shots of an alternative, weathered and bloody hockey mask.

With these images, we can form an idea of what the show and film would have looked like and it is a shame we will never get to see the vision for both of the productions.

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