New Trailer Dropped Recently For Friday The 13th Fan Film ‘Jason Rising’

The long absence of Friday The 13th films in theatres has really inspired aspiring filmmakers and fans of the franchise to flex their creative muscle and strive to produce their own films that hope to stand up with the studio films released in years past. We have seen in the past few years that fan films are starting to show they are up to the task.

RedCrowFilms, along with writer/producer James Sweet, are working on a new Crystal Lake story with a twist and the upcoming fan film dropped it’s first trailer back in May with a lot of fan acclaim.

JASON RISING - A FRIDAY THE 13th FAN FILM a story about Officer Pete Daltry on the hunt of a fugitive on the run after escaping from the Wessex County corrections farm and headed in the direction of Camp Crystal Lake. He is accompanied by two agents from the fugitive recovery team but when they enter the hollowed grounds of the camp they find out they are the hunted.

A brand new trailer just recently dropped, so make sure to check that out below and look for more information on the release of the film coming soon. For more information about the production, visit

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