Franchise 35mm Double Feature Coming This Friday The 13th

Check out this excellent double feature opportunity to see the first two films in the franchise on 35mm film in Portland, Oregon this Friday The 13th!

This December, Christmas falls on Friday the 13th as the Hollywood Theatre and the Gaylords of Darkness podcast present a FRIDAY THE 13TH double feature with stars Adrienne King and Amy Steel in attendance!
This back-to-back 35mm screening of Friday The 13th (1980) and Friday The 13th Part 2 will include a Q&A with the films’ legendary final girls Adrienne King and Amy Steel, moderated by Gaylords of Darkness co-hosts Stacie Ponder (Final Girl) and Anthony Hudson (Queer Horror), culminating in a meet-and-greet and autograph signing with the stars after.

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