Ultimate 'Jason Goes To Hell' Fan Group Includes Awesome Fans Along With Cast And Crew

Although I am a day late posting this, with the anniversary of Jason Goes To Hell taking place yesterday, I felt the need to let our readers and faithful fans of the much maligned film know that there is an excellent Facebook Group called Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Fan Group that recently popped up and has grown quickly with loads of awesome super fans of New Line Cinema's first foray into the Friday The 13th franchise. Not only are there great people in the group who share a passion for the Jason Goes To Hell, but a number of that film's alumni have joined to share their thoughts on the film and specific scenes they were involved with.

The group was started by super fans of the film and backed by makers of the upcoming documentary The Dark Heart Of Jason Voorhees: The Making Of The Final Friday and the director of Jason Goes To Hell, Adam Marcus.

Adam is very active in the group, answering questions on many topics about the film, including how Jason Goes To Hell ultimately came to be. Actress Julie Michaels has also lent her thoughts on the role in the opening prologue to the film, which is high on the list of best stalk and chase scenes in the entire franchise.

The fan contributions are equally as satisfying within the group with a large number of posted images related to the film regarding memorabilia, marketing materials, script pages and some pretty rare behind the scenes shots. I have personally seen most images related to the production, but some of the stuff appearing in this Facebook Group are simply remarkable. Below I have posted some great images from the production of the film that many fans have not seen before, but are being shared in Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Fan Group. 

One photo I love is of actor Kipp Marcus, Adam's brother, attempting to add a character trait for filming.

Check out some more fun images from the production below and don't forget to visit Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Fan Group if you're a fan of Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday!

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