Ranking The Franchise: Top 3 Best Death Scenes Of 'Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6'

Our Ranking The Franchise series continues today as we have decided to put together our Top 3 Best death scenes in Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6! This was a hard list to put together as there are so many memorable scenes where Jason dispatches of his victims. Our readers may or may not agree with our rankings, but the sixth film in the franchise contains a number of classic death scenes that could be ranked higher than what we have listed below.

3. Officer Thornton Is The Perfect Target Practice.

Jason Lives is close to having the best collection of death scenes in one Friday The 13th film out of all of the others in the franchise. It made picking the top three extremely difficult, but one death scene that stood out was the one where we get to see how good an aim Jason has become. Being a super zombie probably helps as Jason was not the best at hitting targets in previous films (His failed knife shot at Chris in Part 3 anyone?). So our number three death scene is the untimely demise of Officer Thornton.

Sheriff Garris and other policemen show up at Camp Forest Green to follow up on Tommy Jarvis' claim that Jason Voorhees is still alive. The three peace officers split up to check out the surrounding area of the camp and investigate any strange happenings. Thornton decides to walk the pier out into the lake and swings his flashlight into the boats and water. From a distance in the wooded area adjacent to the pier, Jason emerges to stalk Officer Thornton. As the policeman starts walking back to the beach and cabins, Jason slowly pulls out a metal dart from his survivalist utility belt, takes aim, and sharply throws the dart into the forehead of Thornton. The force of the impact of the dart thrusts his body backward into a boat that is docked on the pier effectively showing the strength and accuracy of a very determined Jason Voorhees.

2. Hawes' Heart Really Couldn't Take Anymore Of This

The long opening prologue of Jason Lives perfectly set the tone for the rest of the film as the gothic cemetery setting and resurrection of Jason Voorhees had the perfect blend of horror and comedy. However, it was the introduction of a more focused and powerful killer behind the hockey mask that truly set the bar higher than any of the previous films. That bar started with the death of Allen Hawes.

As the film opens, Tommy Jarvis and his friend Hawes are driving down a dirt road to get to the cemetery where Jason Voorhees is buried. Tommy's plan is to dig up Jason's corpse and set it on fire to get rid of him once and for all. After Tommy finishes digging, he reaches Jason's coffin and opens it to a flood of emotion of when his mom and vacationers died in The Final Chapter. After stabbing Jason's corpse in a fit of rage with a metal fence pole, he and Hawes walk away to get the gasoline. Lightning strikes the pole and resurrects Jason Voorhees. The killer lunges at Tommy and climbs out of the hole in the ground. Hawes runs away as Jason corners Tommy. As rain begins to fall to the ground, Tommy looks to be Jason's newest victim. Just as it seemed to be the end for Tommy, Hawes grabs a shovel and hits Jason in the back of the head. A very angry Jason turns around and shoves his hand and arm through Hawes' torso and rips out his heart!

The pure force and suddenness of Allen's death indeed set the tone for the movie that this Jason Voorhees was not to be messed with.

1. Paula Should Have Believed In Nancy's Monster

The Friday The 13th films are well known for the exotic and sometimes satisfying deaths of unpopular characters. Melissa in Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood got a nice axe to the face for her bitchy persona. Tamara in Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan was littered with multiple stab wounds and broken shards of glass over her body for pushing poor Rennie overboard on the S.S. Lazarus. But what did poor Paula do to deserve one of the worst deaths in the entire franchise? Her death scene is THE best and most classic franchise death in the film and showed that Jason still hadn't lost his touch when it came to stalking a victim at camp.

Paula takes little Nancy back to her cabin to put her to bed after she woke up afraid of another monster sighting. Of course, Paula brushes off her concerns, even when finding out out the phones don't work. After leaning over Nancy to give her a kiss, she stands up straight and the audience finds Jason staring at her through the window. As Paula walks through the children's cabin to exit outside, Jason slowly trails behind her while walking outside and peering at her through the multiple windows. Once Paula it outside she is startled by a number of strange noises. She runs to her cabin across the camp and closes the door. As she backs away from the door it suddenly swings open. Very scared, Paula slowly creeps toward the open door as the wind howls outside. Just as she puts her hand on the door knob to close the door, the wind quickly slams the door shut with just a crack open to the outside. Relieved it was just the wind, Paula starts to close the door completely and Jason suddenly bursts into the cabin and proceeds to slash and decimate the poor girl.

The brutality of the kill is only accented by the aftermath discovered by Sheriff Garris and his daughter Megan later in the film.

There are many fan favorite death scenes within the film, but these three stand out to us. What are your favorites and how does our list compare to yours?

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