Discussion: Was Jason Voorhees The Savior Of Rennie Wickman In Jason Takes Manhattan?

We all know that Jason Voorhees transitioned from terrifying killer to pop icon and anti-hero in the mid to late 1980's. Although he was still killing a number of innocent (and not so innocent) teens in and around the Crystal Lake area, audiences cheered for his dismembering and slashing. Why would a character so vile with the evil intention of death be celebrated by so many people?

The one scene that always stands out to me in the franchise that shows Jason Voorhees has become more of an anti-hero than a villain in pop culture is when the gang bangers in Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan kidnap Rennie Wickman in New York with the intentions of raping and killing her. Jason could have just let the duo kill Rennie and he could have just moved on to the rest of the surviving group. The fact that Jason saved Rennie from their attacks and killed the thugs shows Jason in the vein of a hero, even though he still wanted to kill Rennie himself.

Jason has been the hero (or anti-hero, however you want to view the character) for many years now in the films and this scene just showcases that fact. Did Jason just feel sorry for Rennie and want to spare her an undignified death, or was he more upset at the fact someone else was going to kill her instead of him?

There's no denying the star of the films is Jason and that fans cheer for his on-screen domination of those who get in his way. What do you think? Did Jason want to save Rennie or were the thugs just in his way?

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