Ranking The Franchise: Top 3 Best Death Scenes Of 'Friday The 13th Part 2'

"Top" lists are ever so popular on websites nowadays and they usually find out fan's thoughts on particular subjects and see where the genre community stands with regard to a particular film or franchise. In a new continuing tradition of creating these lists for our website, we decided to put together our Top 3 Best death scenes in Friday The 13th Part 2! Our readers may or may not agree with our rankings, but in Part 2, there really isn't too many other death scenes to rank higher than what we have listed below.

3. Deputy Winslow's Demise In Jason's Shack

It's not necessarily the death itself that warrants a spot at #3, but more the events leading up to Winslow's death and what he discovers beforehand. As the Deputy leaves the Counselor Training Center, he spots an ominous figure race across the single lane road he is driving on. Winslow begins a foot pursiut to stop what he perceives as a tresspasser on the old Camp Crystal Lake grounds. After a chase that lasts a few minutes, the Deputy happens across a rundown shack that looks like it was built from bits and pieces of scrap. After entering the shack, Winslow makes the gruesome discovery of what the audience would later learn was the shrine of Mrs. Voorhees with her decapitated, mummified head.

Within one of the more subdued and less threatening sequels in the franchise, this sequence sets an exciting and tense tone that would later be revisited in the ending of the film.

2. Vicki Finds Someone Sleeping In Jeff And Sandra's Bed

No, it's not one of the three bears, but something much worse. After Jeff and Sandra are killed in the infamous double impalement scene in an upstairs bedroom of the main lodge, Vicki returns to find her new love interest Mark (now missing, see our number one death on the list) and goes upstairs to ask the ill-fated couple where he is. Vicki opens the door to the room to find a patiently waiting Jason Voorhees laying in a bloody bed to greet her with a butcher knife.

This scene represents the first time the audience gets the full reveal of Jason Voorhees in the film with his sack mask. We feel horrible for Vicki as she is cornered in the room with nowhere to retreat to. It's another bloodless death, but the shocking nature of Jason's reveal in a bloodied bed coupled with the death of a character that was willing to overlook another person's handicap, gets our number two ranking.

1. Mark's Machete Trip Down The Stairs.

Lets be frank here, no one wanted this character to die. He was in a wheel chair, didn't smoke dope, do drugs, or have sex. He was an inspirational character overcoming a handicap and living his life to the fullest. So, of course the folks behind Part 2 would kill him. Not only do they do the unthinkable by simply deciding to kill him, but they do so in such a brutal fashion.

Jason sneaks up behind Mark and slams a machete into his face while he waits on the porch of the main lodghe for Vicki to return. The force of the blow to his head sends Mark traveling off of the porch and down the steap set of stairs below. With one of the more cruel deaths in the franchise, it definitely sits atop our list of the best death scenes of Friday The 13th Part 2.

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