Artist Crash Cunningham Recreates Iconic Mask From Original Friday The 13th Part 3 Novelization

There were two official movie novelizations created for Friday The 13th Part 3. Simon Hawke adapted a number of the films in 1988, including Part 2, Part 3 and Jason Lives. However, in 1982, Michael Avallone adapted the original and unedited screenplay for Part 3 which includes a lot of scenes that were eventually cut the from the screenplay and the film (Including Abel’s lost encounter).

The cover for Avallone’s novel featured a very different hockey mask than what was introduced in the film, but the mask itself is quite unique and really sets the original novelizations apart from the others released later in 1988. This brings us to present day and well known artist Crash Cunningham. Crash is definitely one of the most highly respected artists in the Friday The 13th community and beyond. His hockey mask reproductions (goalie masks to those in his circle) are some of the most screen accurate and innovative in the world.

So it was no surprise that Crash recently recreated the hockey mask found on Avallone’s Part 3 novelization. Check out the photos of mask below and check out to see all of wonderful masks and artwork to purchase.

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