New Script ‘Friday The 13th: The Beginning’ Explores Pamela Voorhees

Fan films are now filling the enormous void left by the lack of franchise movies being released theatrically. The rights battle between Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham is in the next phase of appeals after Victor won the current ruling against him. This has the future of new official movies being released in the near future in serious doubt. 

Recently, it was reported that Lebron James’ producing company Springhill Entertainment along with Vertigo Entertainment are actively working to get a new film into production. With Victor Miller currently holding rights to the original film’s characters and settings, it would seem like fans might get a true remake or possibly even a prequel story. That sounds like what voice actor and novelist Clint Ford has in mind with a new script that he just finished titled Friday The 13th: The Beginning.

The film serves as a prequel to the original 1980 film.

Dallas-based Ford is a former staff writer for The Walt Disney Company, as well as a published novelist and scriptwriter. His screenplay details and connects aspects of the Friday the 13th series not yet explored in previous installments.

The film will serve to showcase the teen years of Jason’s mother, Pamela, as well as his conception, birth, and childhood. New characters to the franchise, such as Jason’s father, will be introduced along with established characters from previous Friday the 13th films, some never before seen.

The script is a period film set throughout a 33-year period, beginning in 1946 and concluding years later in 1979. Ford’s writing format brings the Friday world somewhat out of its restrictive “horror box” to showcase how well the franchise also works in the psychological thriller genre.

I am always game for a prequel story, but it is yet to be seen if the overall fan base is willing to endure the journey of Mrs. Voorhees leading up to her Camp Crystal Lake killing spree over her son Jason in a hockey mask. We hope this script gets a look for a new film and perhaps we will hear more about this story in the future.

Clint Ford is repped by RAB Talent Management.

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