Witness The VHS Tape Releases For Friday The 13th Fan Film ‘Never Hike Alone’

The successful release of the landmark fan film Never Hike Alone last October 13th on the web created a swell of support for Womp Stomp Films and their ambitious and well received film. So much so, they decided to offer a very limited offering of the film on home video. Blu-Ray, VHS and digital copies of the film were offered along with replica hockey masks, soundtracks, posters, figure and much more. 

Womp Stomp Films has been updating those fans who purchased home media via email with progress and ship date information and today the company revealed the finished VHS tapes, complete with nostalgic clam shell packaging! Check out the tapes below.

All media and perks will be shipping out within the next few weeks and I cannot wait to see these in person. Congratulations to everyone involved in making the film and great job getting these out in time for the Halloween season!

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