Horror Inc Updates On Friday The 13th Game Content Status And Attempt To Settle With Victor Miller

Gun Media set out to create a definitive gaming experience to transport fans to Crystal Lake and make fans feel like they were in a Friday The 13th film. I believe they accomplished that feat. Even though there have been a number of technical issues since the game was released over a year ago, Friday The 13th: The Game has been an extremely satisfying entry into the franchise, and frankly a project that may never be attempted again.

As our site reported last week, original Friday The 13th film writer won a lawsuit filed against himself by Horror Inc. With the victory, Miller can now move forward with owning certain copyright on characters and locations in the screenplay he created for the original 1980 film. This now complicates current and future projects for the franchise as Horror Inc will have to be sure they either do not use copyrighted elements from the original film, or get permission from Victor Miller in such scenarios.

This brings us to Friday The 13th: The Game and why they announced earlier this year that they had to stop creating new content. The ruling in favor of Victor further justifies their announcement of no new content and recent comments made to Bloody Disgusting by Horror Inc suggests that a settlement was attempted to be reached with Victor, but he seems to not want to discuss settling with Sean Cunningham.

Some have asked if a settlement could be reached with Victor Miller to enable the creation of new content.  Even if Gun were in a position to continue to fund the game while it was waiting for such questions to be resolved, there is no evidence to date that such a settlement is possible.

Friday the 13th director Sean Cunninghamhas previously reached out directly to Victor Miller to discuss a settlement.  Miller responded by refusing to talk to Sean.  Work on new content for fans was suspended because of the position that Miller has taken

It seems as though Horror Inc wants to place the blame solely on Victor, which is unfortunate. Hopefully we can hear Victor’s side of this soon and some sort of resolution can be found. Meanwhile, new Friday The 13th projects are in development that can skate around any copyright issues.

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