FYE Releases Friday The 13th Films In Exclusive Lunchbox Tin

There have been a large number of different home video releases for the franchise since 2009, but there is a pretty unique offering available now from FYE that provides the films....inside a lunch box.

This Halloween season, make sure to check out the Exclusive Friday The 13th tin lunchbox from FYE that contains the first eight films in the franchise by Paramount Pictures on DVD! These are the special edition releases of the films, first made available in 2009. The films come in a normal DVD case that fits inside the tin lunchbox.

The set retails for $29.99 and can be purchased now at the FYE website. If you don’t already own the films or want to take your lunch to school or work in a fabulous Jason Voorhees decorated tin, then this is for you.

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