Deadline Set For Friday The 13th Rights Decision Appeal

With the new Halloween film set to release in theaters this weekend, it is assumed and also backed up by box office tracking that it is going to have a humongous financial opening weekend. With this impending success, it will only be a matter of time before other horror franchise films get the green light for sequels or remakes. Friday The 13th is ripe for piggy backing off of this success, but first there is that pesky lawsuit to deal with.

Victor Miller won the lawsuit from Horror Inc. and many fans have been wondering what is next. Larry Zerner just provided an update for which Sean Cunningham has until October 31st to file an appeal of the decision in favor of Victor. If not, Larry feels the parties will have made a deal
It only makes sense for everyone to make this settlement now to prepare to make a new film and other projects while Horror is being viewed as a financial success by studios in the current market.

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