New Behind The Scenes Image Of Unmasked Kane Hodder From Jason X Surfaces

Newer fans to the franchise absolutely love Jim Isaac's Jason X. The blend of humor, action, and Jason Voorhees created an entertaining romp in space with some excellent death scenes. Jason's look in the film, of course, had two stages with Uber-Jason the consensus favorite. The look of regular Jason earlier in the film has been debated against for years with a more "human" look departing from the rotted and decayed presentation of the character from the previous four films. The shape and design of the hockey mask was also changed to the ire of many fans of the franchise.

Effects artist Damon Bishop recently posted a very rate photo on his Instagram account of Kane Hodder unmasked in his Jason X costume. This detailed look at Kane shows that the hockey mask used in the film could be quite larger than many fans have thought as the forehead of the prosthetic cap is a little further above Kane’s own forehead. The sculpt of the cap was done by Stephen Dupuis.

Damon mentioned in his post that the prosthetic cap was painted to match the burn scars on Kane’s neck. The makeup made for the easiest movement of his head during any production in the franchise and was not as hot to wear, which made his performance more enjoyable. 

There was another photo of Kane on the set of Jason X without the hockey mask before, but this is the first up-close image that we have seen. 

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