Terror Threads Offering "Bright Lights Big Kills" Jason Takes Manhattan Shirt

There are a number of horror shirt companies in the horror community that offer some of the very best representations of our favorite films. Of course, we truly enjoy the Friday The 13th themed shirts that are released, especially the great illustrations created for the shirts themselves. Terror Threads is one of those great companies and they just kicked off a 48 hour sale with an excellent assortment of goodies available for the Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan art titled "Bright Lights Big Kills".

The Limited Edition "Bright Lights Big Kills" shirt by samhain1992 is Now Available for 48 Hours ONLY! at TERRORTHREADS.COM

This collection includes the following:
- Mens and Womens Tee
- Baseball Tee
- Tank Top

Check out all of their items for sale and get yours today!

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