Four Film Franchise Marathon Coming To Prince Charles Cinema This Friday The 13th!

The Prince Charles Cinema is one of the most enthusiastic Theatres to showcase specialty screenings of classic films. The legendary theater is located in London, England and has showcased numerous franchise marathons in the past few years. Coming this July 13th, they will running another marathon, this time of the original four films!

That's right, starting at 6:30pm, fans can start watching the first four films in the franchise at a cost of £17.50 for non members of the cinema and £15.00 for members. Some of the films will be shown on 35mm while others will be presented in digital. Check out the list of films below to see what format you will be watching the movie in.

Friday The 13th 1980: Digital
Friday The 13th Part 2: 35MM
Friday The 13th Part 3: 35MM (2D version only)
Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter: Digital

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